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About the Danish Geodata Agency

The Danish Geodata Agency (Geodatastyrelsen) ensures that geographical information about land and sea is collected, quality checked and made accessible on the internet. Information such as the location of roads, houses, lakes and streams or what the landscape looks like and where boundaries are located. This information is used by public authorities in connection with climate protection, the provision of mobile access to data, information services to citizens and by the Police and emergency services when carrying out their tasks. Geodatastyrelsen’s largest customer is the Ministry of Defence.

Geodatastyrelsen houses the Centre of Expertise for Spatial Information for the Ministry of the Environment and thus plays a central role in the organising of the use of shared public data which forms the foundation for a more efficient and modern public sector.

Accurate and precise data are required by public administrators and the Ministry of Defence. As a consequence Geodatastyrelsen regularly carries out land surveys and aerial photography of the country.

Geodatastyrelsen is responsible for the nation-wide digital registration of land. The Cadastral Register is part of what you might call a “property system” which makes it possible to determine who owns the property in question and where it is located.

Geodatastyrelsen is responsible for the planning of and production of nautical charts of the waters surrounding Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland, just as Geodatastyrelsen also represents Denmark internationally within the field of geographical information.

Geodatastyrelsen employs approximately 300 people and has its headquarters in Copenhagen.

The formalities
Geodatastyrelsen is a public corporation which was established on the 1st of January 1989.
Since the Elections held in June 2015, Geodatastyrelsen has been a part of The Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate. 
Geodatastyrelsen is the national authority for Spatial Data Infrastructure, surveying, mapping, and cadastral and chartered surveyor administration. Geodatastyrelsen’s responsibilities are defined in the Act on the Danish Geodata Agency, the Infrastructure for Spatial Information Act, the Act on Subdivision and other Registrations in the Cadastre, and the Land Surveyors Act.
Danish Geodata Agency has a legal obligation to ensure a cohesive cross-agency Spatial Data Infrastructure that supports the public administration and public sector activities.