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Vacant positions in the Danish Geodata Agency


Hydrographers/QC specialists for depth and chart data

The Danish Geodata Agency – The Danish Ministry for Energy, Utilities and Climate

The Danish Geodata Agency has as the maritime authority the responsibility for hydrographic surveying and chart production for the use of yachting and ship industry navigation in the Danish, Greenlandic and Faroese waters.

The Danish Hydrographic Office, Arctic (ASO) has the overall responsibility for hydrographic surveying in the Danish and Greenlandic waters. The office processes the depth data and, in cooperation with the Danish Defence, collects hydrographic and depth data. Furthermore, the office is responsible for production of chart around Greenland.


The Danish Hydrographic Office, Artic is looking for
Enthusiastic, passionate and visionary employees. Employees with insight and the ability to handle details, as well as having the great overview, and the courage to look forward.We are looking for 2-3 new colleagues to join the team. You will have joint responsibility but also individual tasks. Are you one of them?

Work assignments
You will help us with becoming better at what we already are very good at - technical support to the hydrographic surveyors, processing and quality control of hydrographic data and development of data procedures. The production of correct depth data are the foundation of chart production in Denmark, Faroe Islands and Greenland.

You will be working with several exciting assignment where the main emphasis will be processing, quality control and optimising procedures in regard to the acquired hydrographic data. You will be responsible for the daily routines and procedures for data and handle the administration in relation to e.g. permission to survey in Danish, Faroese and Greenlandic waters. Least but not last you will be keeping an eye on the future and keep us abreast with tomorrow’s new technologies and be prepared to implement these technologies. You may expect for limited periods to sail with one of the Defence’s surveying ships, where among other things you will help calibrating the equipment, setup of water level gauges and GPS and follow-up on agreed procedures.

Your personal skills
We expect that you have data flair and a solid process, system and IT understanding. You should have knowledge of geodesy – and you may have knowledge about and interest in the technologies in surveying and processing of e.g. satellites and LiDAR.

Your educational background could be e.g. hydrographer, geodesist, geophysicist, geographer, mathematician, engineer or surveyor – preferably in combination with navigational training and/or a hydrographical education (preferably CAT-A).

Experience with modern hydrographic surveying and international work would be an advantage but not a requirement. However, it is a requirement that you are fluently in spoken and written English at a high level.

Most important is that you have good energy, the ability to cooperate and the desire and potential to expand your capabilities.

We offer
A wide range of exciting positions with excellent opportunities for expanding your competences and skills. In addition, we offer a strong professional environment, great colleagues and an informal tone at work, where humour, teamwork and mutual assistance is paramount.  

Salary and terms of hire
Salary and terms of hire will occur according to the current agreement and after the principles of “Ny Løn” (new salary).

The appointment areais the Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate and its institutions. Your appointment will be in Aalborg, Denmark.

Work hours are 37 hours per week.

The position is to be filled at 1st March 2017 or soon thereafter.

Additional information
Additional information can be obtained from the head of the department Rune Carbuhn Andersen at tel: (+45) 30 22 99 85.

Submit your application, CV, a copy of your diploma and any additional attachments (pdf-format) latest at 16th January 2017, 8am. We expect to have interviews 23th or 24th January 2017.

Skype may be used for the interviews with foreign applicants and we encourage especially foreign applicants to submit your application as soon as possible in order to have good time for the logistics. You apply for the position through our Job portal: 

The Ministry would like to further diversity, hence everyone regardless of age, sex, religion or ethnicity are encouraged to apply for the position.


Some more information about the Danish Geodata Agency
You can read more about the Danish Geodata Agency on our website: