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Resources and IT

Resources and IT is divided into two functions, Resources and IT, and focusses on supporting the organisation and its professional work.


Objective of Resources:

  • Supporting the entire organisation of the Danish Geodata Agency by providing structures and guidelines, creating coherence between strategies, resources, competencies and working conditions
  • Implementing efficient and effective administrative processes – including financial management and the implementation and follow-up on strategic goals


  • HR and personnel administration, conditions of remuneration and employment, competency development, recruitment
  • Specialist tasks, interpretation of personnel law
  • Organisation, job satisfaction and working environment, and the co-called ‘SAMudvalg’
  • Financial management, budget and accounts, including contributions to the national budget
  • Management of activities and results
  • Project support and strategic development activities
  • Building operations and internal services
  • Communication, press, content on web/intranet 

Objective of IT:

  • Ensuring that the divisions of the Danish Geodata Agency are able to solve tasks expediently through efficient system support
  • The aim is for IT to help develop and collaborate closely with the different divisions – both in day-to-day operations and in connection with development projects etc.   
  • The foundation for this is a strong IT strategy focussing on the needs of the divisions and on the continuous development of the agency


  • IT strategy, architecture, infrastructure, methods, standardisation and security policy.
  • IT agreements, in particular agreements with the Danish Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency and the Agency for Governmental IT Services
  • IT operations and support
  • Development projects and digitisation activities
  • Archive and archive systems, including agreements with and delivery to the Danish National Archives

Head of division:
 Jesper Nørgaard Andersen (acting)