Danish Hydrographic Office - Denmark

As a public authority, the Danish Geodata Agency is responsible for the sale, production and development of nautical maps, nautical publications and other maritime products concerning Danish waters, the waters around the Faroe Islands and the waters around Greenland.


  • Promoting the use of geodata at sea, e.g. in connection with safety and administration
  • Maintaining and developing nautical charts to ensure safe passage
  • Ensuring that reported changes at sea are quality assured and made available to seafarers through chart corrections and updated charts



  • Coordination of the official work of the Danish Geodata Agency within the maritime area, including collaboration with the IMO, the IHO etc.
  • Direct the sale of nautical charts and other maritime products and manage trade and distribution agreements, agreements with Defence Command Denmark etc.
  • Production and updating of electronic navigational charts (ENC), printed charts, harbour charts etc. for Denmark and the Faroe Islands
  • Publication of changes at sea through chart corrections, harbor pilots and other nautical publications and information included in updated electronic navigational charts
  • Reorganisation of the production of Danish nautical charts, streamlining the production and dataflow
  • Administrative responsibility for the Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSDI) and responsibility for data delivered by the Danish Geodata Agency to the MSDI
  • Responsibility for the participation of the Danish Geodata Agency in the EU project Pan Baltic Scope.

Head of division: Elizabeth Hagemann

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Danish Hydrographic Office - Denmark