Property Registration and Law

The Danish Geodata Agency is responsible for the registration of all real property in the national Cadastre, which forms a reliable basis of the sale, mortgaging and taxing of real property in Denmark and of registration and administration conducted by public authorities.


  • Ensuring that the processes of property formation facilitate fast, correct registration of all real property in the Cadastre
  • Facilitating fast and safe processing of cadastral changes submitted by chartered surveyors
  • Ensuring that the rules for property registration meet the needs of society, including modern digital administration



  • Processing and registration of cadastral changes based on cases submitted by chartered surveyors, including case-related updating of items recorded in the Cadastre
  • Registration of items (land-use restrictions under public law) in the Cadastre
  • Development of cadastral systems that promote efficient processes and reliable registration
  • Management of interfaces for the parties involved in property formation
  • Responsibility for the projects Expanding the Cadastre (‘Matriklens udvidelse’) and The Record of Owners within programme 1 of the Basic Data Programme (GD1) (‘Ejerfortegnelsen i Grunddataprogrammets delprogram 1 (GD1)
  • Improving the quality of information in the Cadastre, including the production of cadastral maps
  • Support for users of the Online Cadastral Records (‘Matrikulære Arkivalier Online’) and, in special cases, guidance and localisation of measurements
  • Answering enquiries concerning property rights
  • Support for users of the MIA
  • Maintaining and interpreting the Subdivision Act and the Surveyor Act
  • Administration in compliance with the Surveyor Act
  • Secretariat for the Board of Surveyors
  • Legal assistance to the entire agency on e.g. contracts and procurement

Head of division:
 Jess Svendsen 


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Property Registration and Law