The Danish Geodata Agency delivers new nautical charts for northwestern Greenland


The Danish Geodata Agency has fulfilled an order for five new electronic nautical charts.

In connection with the start-up of mining operations at Dundas, close to Pituffik in northwestern Greenland, the Danish Hydrographic Office (a part of the Danish Geodata Agency) has developed five new digital nautical charts in collaboration with Bluejay Mining Plc.

The charts are quite essential to the project and cover the surrounding coastal area.

“We are thrilled to be able to contribute to safe navigation in connection with the new activities in northwestern Greenland. This also demonstrates the strength and relevance of the Danish Geodata Agency’s new production setup, where our focus is on being able to supply digital nautical charts relatively quickly instead of paper nautical charts, which have a somewhat longer production time,” said Elizabeth Hagemann, head of the Danish Hydrographic Office at the Danish Geodata Agency.

This delivery of nautical charts comes in addition to the collaboration agreement signed between the governments of Denmark and Greenland which stipulates that the Danish Geodata Agency will deliver 73 nautical charts of southwestern Greenlandic waters by 2026.

This additional delivery will therefore not impact the collaboration agreement, and the plan is still to deliver six new nautical charts this year. The Danish Geodata Agency expects to receive similar orders of this sort in the future.