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Paper chart new editions
In 2020 the Danish Geodata Agency has published 10 paper chart new editions together with a new paper chart (No. 121). All of the paper charts covering the Skagerrak, Kattegat and the northern part of the Sound are thus replaced with paper chart new editions and the new chart.

Similarly the Swedish Maritime Administration has also published new editions of its paper charts covering the Skagerrak, Kattegat and the northern part of the Sound.

The paper chart new editions and the new paper chart allows recreational sailors to deal with the major changes brought about by the routeing system. Including the changes to the navigational aids.

The table below details the 10 new editions and new chart published to present the new routeing system.

Chart Title Edition
92 Skagerrak 15. edition april 2020
100 Kattegat 11. edition april 2020
101 Kattegat, N-lige del 2. edition april 2020
102 Kattegat, S-lige del 14. edition april 2020
121 Kattegat, Ålbæk Bugt 1. edition 2020 (new chart)
122 Kattegat, Aalborg Bugt 8. edition april 2020
123 Kattegat, Læsø Rende 2. edition april 2020
124 Kattegat, S for Anholt 2. edition april 2020
128 Kattegat, Samsø Bælt 14. edition april 2020
129 Kattegat, SE-lige del 9. edition april 2020
131 Sundet, N-lige del 6. edition april 2020

You can find details about the new versions of paper charts and the new chart corrections in Danish Chart Corrections Wk. 13/2020, which was released on April 3, 2020.

The Danish Geodata Agency's paper charts are distributed through Rosendahls A / S and they can be purchased here.

Electronic Charts new editions.

In general  sailors do not use the electronic charts (ENC) produced by the Danish Geodata Agency and the Swedish Maritime Administration, instead choosing to use electronic charts sourced from private chart manufacturers in conjunction with a chart plotter or via apps on tablets or mobile phones.
The Danish Geodata Agency provides regularly updated chart data to a number of these private electronic chart manufacturers. It is the private producers who decide independently when they use the Geodata Agency's chart data and control when the issue updates to their own electronic charts.

Therefore, as recreational sailor you should seek information from your supplier about when the electronic charts you use will be updated for these changes.

Information on which private producers of electronic charts with which the Geodata Agency has agreed is available: Terms and prices

The Geodata Agency's paper chart no. 100 gives a good overview of all the routeing system elements in Kattegat. Although, as leisure sailor, you may usually sail on the basis of electronic charts, it can be advantageous to obtain this paper chart and possibly other paper charts.