Purchase of depth data and bathymetric data

The Danish Geodata Agency has a large number of surveys of the Danish waters.

If you wish to purchase depth data, contact the Danish Geodata Agency at sfo@gst.dk. Note that the Danish Armed Forces must security-approve all transfers of depth data. We will apply for approval on your behalf.

The data price is charged per km² and follows the grid size shown in the table below. The quoted prices are 2020 prices based on a single-user licence. Multi-user licences cost extra.


Grid in
  5 10 30 50 100 500
Data after 1988 436 kr. 326 kr. 163 kr.    55 kr.      23 kr.     Free              
218 kr. 163 kr. 92 kr. 27 kr. 11 kr. Free


The Danish Hydrographic Office