Purchase of nautical charts

As a maritime authority, the Danish Geodata Agency is responsible for the sale and distribution of electronic and paper navigational charts of the Danish and Greenlandic waters.

Purchase of paper charts
The Agency’s official paper charts are distributed through Stibo Complete (former Rosendahls) and paper charts can be purchased online here.

Paper charts can also be purchased in both pdf and tif format (tif is usually geo-referenced, depending on the area in question). 

You can finde the Danish Geodata Agency's prices for charts and related products here

Contact soe_policy@gst.dk  to purchase paper charts in pdf or tif format or for further information.

Purchase of electronic charts
The Agency’s official electronic navigational charts (ENCs) are distributed through the international distribution system operated by IC-ENC (International Centre for Electronic Navigational Charts).

Further information about this organization can be found at IC-ENC.org. It is a non-profit organisation operated by a large number of countries.

The ENC products are primarily intended for commercial customers, who are required to sail with an ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System) with associated ENC, in accordance with the requirements set out in the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS).

To buy an ENC, refer to the list of sub-suppliers (VAR) under IC-ENC here.
You can see the IC-ENC’s global ENC coverage here.

Danish Chart Corrections
Updated navigation charts and nautical publications are essential for safe navigation. The Danish Geodata Agency therefore recommends that you keep your charts updated and always use only the latest edition of a paper chart. Danish Chart Corrections is published every Friday and describes the corrections that are necessary in order to maintain the Danish Geodata Agency’s navigation charts and nautical publications covering the waters around Denmark and Greenland.