The Danish Geodata Agency participates in the EU project “MobiSpaces - New data for green mobility”, which is a 3-year EU Horizon Europe project. The purpose of the project is to deliver an end-to end mobility-aware and mobility-optimized data governance platform.

The Danish Geodata Agency is lead on a Use Case designed to validate how crowdsourced nautical sensor data can be processed directly onboard vessels, and qualified for improving navigational safety at sea. Using a decentralized data acquisition approach with machine learning, the objective is to collect bathymetric data and to evaluate the required level of prioritization for data transmission to the Danish Geodata Agency.

Navigational charts are crucial for safe marine navigation. However, the perpetual challenge lies in keeping these charts current and accurate amidst dynamic maritime environments. Traditional methods of charting, reliant on periodic and costly surveys, struggle to keep pace with the rate of change in coastal and seabed conditions. Factors such as shifting seabeds, evolving coastlines, and technological advancements continually necessitate updates to ensure navigational safety. The Use case aims to utilise crowd sourced bathymetry (CSB) to enhance nautical products.

Project summary

MobiSpaces delivers an end-to-end mobility-aware and mobility optimised data governance platform, that concerns the offerings of data acquisition, in-situ processing and all the security- and privacy-related operations.

MobiSpaces envisions a set of toolboxes, suites, and tools that implement the MobiSpaces concept. MobiSpaces identifies the AI-based Data Operations Toolbox, including an additional list of tools, namely the Declarative querying, Decentralized Data Management, and Online Data Aggregator. And the Edge Analytics Suite, including a further list of tools, namely the XAI Prediction Modelling, Edge-driven Federated Learning, and Visual Analytics.

The MobiSpaces platform will be surrounded by a Green & Environmental Dimensioning Workbench for monitoring and advising the processing behavior, ensuring guidelines and legislations towards the zero-carbon footprint and the “do no significant harm” principle.

Facts about the project

Name of the project

New data spaces for green mobility (MobiSpaces)


1st of September 2022 – 31st of August 2025

Total budget

8.808.062,50 euro

Funding program

Horizon Europe




Danish Hydrographic Office