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The Danish Geodata Agency’s intellectual property rights of Nautical charts

In Denmark, the Danish Geodata Agency has monopoly of producing charts of the waters around Denmark and Greenland, cf. § 5, paragraph 2 in the Danish Location Information Act. This means that the Danish Geodata Agency has the copyright of charts, which has been confirmed by judgement of the Danish Supreme Court of 6th of February 2014.

The Danish Geodata Agency’s monopoly includes the monopoly of producing specimens of nautical charts. In addition, the intellectual property rights include the right to make Nautical charts available to the public by distribution, display and public performance, cf. § 2 of the Danish Copyright Act.

The above-mentioned rights mean that the Danish Geodata Agency must grant permission before a copy of a Nautical chart is offered for sale, rented out, lent or otherwise distributed to the public.

If you have any questions please contact the Danish Geodata Agency at

Purchase of charts etc.

Purchase of official electronic charts (ENC) for navigation in ECDIS systems must go through IC-ENC's distribution network, called VAR. It is possible to see the current Value Added Resellers (VAR) on IC-ENC's website

Please refer to our distributor, Stibo Complete, for inquiries regarding purchase of nautical publications or printed paper charts. You can purchase nautical publications and printed paper charts here

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