Danish Chart Corrections

Danish Chart Corrections "Søkortrettelser" is published online every Wednesday.

General information on Chart Corrections
Up-to-date nautical charts and nautical publications are vital to ensure a safe passage. This is why the Danish Geodata Agency recommends that nautical charts and publications are kept up to date and that the latest editions are used.

Chart Corrections is published on a weekly basis and contains the corrections necessary to update and maintain the nautical charts and nautical publications of the Danish waters and the waters around Greenland. In addition to this, Chart Corrections contains information on new charts, updated reprints and new editions of nautical charts, and updates on the web publications.

When acquiring a nautical chart it is the navigator's responsibility to update the chart with corrections that are dated after the publication date of the chart in question. The nautical chart is updated to the Chart Correction issue number marked in the bottom left hand side of the chart.