Purchase of depth data and bathymetric data

Free depth data
For free depth models, please look at Denmark's Depth Model or be directed to the European Marine Observation and Data Network through the following link: https://portal.emodnet-bathymetry.eu/. Please note that these depth data are in low resolution and are not updated regularly.

Purchase of depth data
The Danish Hydrographic Office possesses a large number of surveys of the Danish waters. The Danish Hydrographic Office’s surveys are of varying accuracy, given that the surveys are conducted at different times and with different technology. For this reason, the purchaser cannot expect all data from the surveys to be available with high accuracy.

The Danish Hydrographic Office is also in the possession of surveys that are owned by other operators, for which reason the Danish Hydrographic Office must obtain preceding permission from these other operators before data can be transferred. Please note that the Danish Defence must give a security-clearance of all transfers of depth data before the transfer can be made. We will apply for approval on your behalf.

If you wish to purchase depth data or have inquiries regarding data quality, please contact the Danish Geodata Agency at soe_policy@gst.dk .

Which depth data is available?
Through the links below, you can collect an overview of the surveys stored by the Danish Hydrographic Office for Denmark and Greenland.

The overviews consist of a collection of polygons, which portray the geographic position of the surveys. The overvies are in GeoPackage format and can be opened through GIS software. Additional information on the overvies are available in Hydrographic Survey Overview - Readme


Please contact the Danish Hydrographic Office at soe_policy@gst.dk  if you have questions regarding depth data and bathymetric data. 


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