Planning and the sea (MSDI)

The opportunity to compare geographic data across authorities with an interest in and by the sea are vital to the authorities’ ability to plan and conduct such activities. MSDI stands for Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure.

In 2015, together with 10 other agencies, the Danish Geodata Agency initiated the implementation of a Danish MSDI. The aim of establishing a Danish MSDI is to make select marine spatial data easily accessible and available for comparison and exchange across the maritime authorities for various purposes. In addition, the idea is that the MSDI will be able to provide information on the data in question (metadata), e.g. when the data was collected and updated, how the data can be accessed, the quality hereof and so on. The MSDI will be implemented and authority data and associated services will be made available during the period 2015-2016.

Joint administrative basis
The MSDI will comprise a joint administrative basis through which authorities can coordinate activities and optimise the use of the sea and its resources, benefitting both the economic development and the marine environment. Furthermore, the opportunity to compare and exchange geographic data across the maritime authorities may improve the quality and efficiency of activities. The MSDI can thus be used in various activities on the sea and coast, e.g. implementing the directive on maritime spatial planning and activities within environmental protection and civil as well as military readiness.

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Katrine Petersen