Contact the Danish Geodata Agency

General information
For general information about the Danish Geodata Agency, please e-mail og call +45 7254 5000 weekdays 11AM-3PM 

Customer Service
Our customer service representatives can assist professional users with the identification, purchasing and procurement of our digital geographical information and products.

Individuals who wish to purchase printed maps or publications please call us at +45 7012 0211.

Opening Hours 
The reception is open Monday-Friday from 11AM to 3PM.

The Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate 
The Danish Geodata Agency is an agency within The Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities

How to Find Us
Our headquarters are located at Lindholm Brygge 31, 9400 Nørrersundby and have a postal code of 2400. Use this address in the public transport guide.