External funded projects

Danish Geodata Agency are participating in various external projects e.g. EU funded projects.

Externally funded projects have great potential, as it opens up opportunities to explore and implement new technologies, collaborate with various partners and expand the office's horizons, as well as create development for the benefit of improving nautical charts.

We are always interested in collaborating with partners, looking into new projects with a focus on new technologies and solutions to improve nautical charts and maritime data infrastructure. Feel free to contact us for relevant ideas.

Learn more about our ongoing projects in the list below.

Baltic Sea e-Nav

The project Baltic Sea e-Nav creates the next generation of navigational products and services compliant with new international standards, enabling national authorities and other maritime organisations to ensure safer, more harmonised and eco-efficient navigation at the Baltic Sea. 

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The Danish Geodata Agency participates in the EU project “MobiSpaces - New data for green mobility”, which is a 3-year EU Horizon Europe project. The purpose of the project is to deliver an end-to end mobility-aware and mobility-optimized data governance platform.

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