has got a new English little brother


The little newcomer is called

Even though the domain is Danish, the site is a smaller, English-language version of the Danish website.

The site is mainly aimed at the maritime sector, where English is often the working language. For the same reason the short film on the front page presents a wreck ‘shot’ by the Danish Geodata Agency’s inspection vessel JENS SØRENSEN using a RESON 7125 multi-beam echo sounder (400 kHz).

The ship is loaded with timber
FAROS, which is the name of the wreck, lies on the seabed 30 metres below the surface and was originally a fully-grown, 88-metre long German coaster loaded with timber, which capsized in the North Sea on 31 October 2000. FAROS was towed towards shore, but sank in Tannis Bay about seven nautical miles west of Skagen.


Resembles its big brother
The structure of the English-language version of the Danish Geodata Agency’s website is the same as on the main site and should be easy to navigate. I hope you will welcome our newcomer, and let us know if you have any questions, comments or input.

Please enjoy.