Strategic Focal Points

The Danish Geodata Agency has four strategic action areas. Collectively, they set the course for how we go about our work and the kind of workplace we wish to cultivate.

Relevant services
At the Danish Geodata Agency, we focus on our users. We aim to put our data, products and a high level of expertise at the disposal of our users.

We aim to make our services easily accessible to meet the needs of our users.

A coordinating authority
The Danish Geodata Agency aims to ensure cross-cutting coherence in processes and data.

We aim to accomplish this by serving as a natural coordinating hub and a reliable, skilled partner that is highly specialised and innovative.

Professional development
At the Danish Geodata Agency, we want to transform our way of working.
We aim to do so by improving and automating processes, mastering new technologies and intensifying our work with data.

To accomplish this, we must utilize and strengthen our expertise through continuous knowledge sharing and competence development.

An attractive workplace
Working at the Danish Geodata Agency should be highly desirable.

We aim to accomplish this by working together to maintain a sound working culture based on cooperation, clear goals, inclusive management and honest communication based on our common values: Accountability, respect, trust and development.

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