Teledyne CARIS delivers depth management system to the Danish Hydrographic Office


Teledyne CARIS, a Teledyne Technologies [NYSE:TDY] company, and the Danish Geodata Agency (DGA) are pleased to announce the successful completion of the project to implement a new depth data management system.

The DGA team, from left to right: Kasper Langdahl, Belén Jiménez Barón, Giuseppe Masetti, Micki Riber Andreasen, Yvonne Morville Petersen, Juho S, Philip Sigaard Christiansen, Nikolaj Møller

The scope of the program included delivery of CARIS Bathy DataBASE, migration tools, system configuration and implementation. The project also delivered a range of training and consultancy.

Supporting future requirements
The depth data management system provides the Danish Hydrographic Office efficient storage and management of depth data while supporting the current and future requirements, both internally and externally.

   - DGA is a dynamic, data-centered, industry-leading agency that provides high resolution, quality data products. Their focus on automation for data storage and processing situates Denmark as a forward-leaning country, said Tami Francksen, Product Manager, Teledyne CARIS.
   - The challenge of migrating archives to a depth-management system has facilitated great discussion and idea sharing with our team. Teledyne CARIS looks forward to growing with DGA to further support their vision and evolving needs for many years to come.

The first three datasets migrated around Bornholm

An important milestone
The full implementation of the new depth data management system spanned over 18 months.
   - During this intensive project period, CARIS has proven to be a very pleasant and professional partner for the project team with emphasis on supporting the implementation of a full system complying with our requests and needs of the future depth management. Not only was the delivery of service met, the solution was also developed based on a proactive cooperation in an open-minded atmosphere which allowed development of the solution with the best fit to DGA's needs for the future, said Yvonne Morville Petersen, Head of Function, Danish Geodata Agency – Geodatastyrelsen.
   - With the new depth data management system we are ready to handle the exponential growth in data volumes acquired with modern survey techniques, as well as to respond to the increasing customer demand for bathymetric data and diverse derived products. This is an important milestone for DGA towards digital transformation as a modern Hydrographic Office.
About DGA
The Danish Geodata Agency is part of the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities. The agency is responsible for the recording of real estate in Denmark and nautical charts concerning Denmark and Greenland.

The Hydrographic Office within the Danish Geodata Agency is furthermore responsible for conducting hydrographic surveys and producing nautical charts for navigation within leisure sailing and shipping in waters around Denmark and Greenland. This includes responsibility for the sale and distribution of marine data and products concerning Denmark and Greenland.
About Teledyne CARIS
Teledyne CARIS is part of the Teledyne Imaging group. For 40 years, Teledyne CARIS has been the leading developer of marine mapping software. We offer a highly effective solution for near real-time processing, robust quality control of sonar data, and the creation and distribution of maps, charts, and digital datasets.
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Yvonne Morville Petersen
Head of Function
AreaDanish Hydrographic Office


Jennifer Parha
Marketing Manager