The Danish Geodata Agency launches new strategy


The new strategy marks out the course for the coming years.

Despite lockdowns, DGA has been working on a new strategy for the past year. Although the strategy replaces the previous, the basic content has not changed.

- Our core tasks have not changed since we made the first strategy, but the organization has evolved since the GDA was established in 2016 and digital development is ever increasing, explains director general Pia Dahl Højgaard.

The agency has been working on the new strategy since last summer, when the initial exercises began, so it is the culmination of a year of work that can be seen now.

- We have been focusing on getting as much input from the organization as possible. A strategy is only as strong as the employees who live by it. In fact, the process of making a strategy is at least as important as the end result, says Pia Dahl Højgaard.

Core narrative, goals and strategic focal points
The new strategy, which runs from 2021-2030, contains in addition to a core narrative, a mission and vision, nine goals and four strategic focal points.
The strategy sets out out the direction for the Danish Geodata Agency’s future work and will e.g. be implemented through the agency's goal and resultplan.

- The strategy hopefully makes the employee’s work clearer in a larger context, while at the same time the surrounding society hopefully will gain an understanding of what we do, and not least why we do it, concludes Pia Dahl Højgaard.

You can download the strategy here, or read it on DGA’s homepage.